Sometimes, it’s hard to get everything moving in the same direction.

Are your goals aligned? Is your team equipped to deliver products that are valuable?

As part of an Executive Advisory project, we’ll begin by interviewing your key stakeholders. We can engage on a time and materials basis to meet your goals. Areas we investigate include:

Case Study

Bija Advisors was engaged by a mature 20-year Microsoft Certified Partner company which managed several lines of successful consumer software products and managed an R&D portfolio of 15+major innovations under development. The 3 month project was to help the CEO with the following actions:

Innovation Roadmap

Evaluate products under development to determine which solutions were the most valuable and core to the goals and future potential of the company. Bija made a recommendation to spin a key innovation off into a separate operation, so it could be offered to companies who were competitive to the client’s core products.


Bija took an inventory of what credentials key stakeholders have and found that core competencies were missing in areas of desired growth. Also, budget, planning and resources weren’t appropriate for all the various stages of product evolution (proof of concept, prototype, proven technology, needs customization). Many patents were filed without rationalizing why. Bija helped prioritize which intellectual property would be protected, and aligned expenses with the product and innovation road map.


Bija helped distinguish distinctly different messaging for partners, reseller, consumers and manufacturers. We also inventoried competition on these axis, and discovered that lags in certain sectors had gone unnoticed. Bija helped prioritize opportunities and determine whether an alliance, a license, or an acquisition could catalyze growth.


Review cost models and budget, ensure pricing, timing and resource plans are correct. Optimize the sequence and timing of business development so that early deals don’t cannibalize long term value.


Bija traveled to interview top partners to promote the client’s market position and future plans. Several strategic partnerships were strengthened and new ones were forged. Bija trained clients top salespeople and traveled with them to help improve results.

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