The problem with marketing unproven technology is that it requires world class sales ability, market knowledge, legal background, technical understanding, creative ability and lots of travel. Meanwhile, the process involves intensive preparation and planning, and then a lot of lag time waiting for business cycles and lawyers and market timing and critical meetings. Needless to say, employing a full time resource to support this area can be very expensive and inefficient.

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Bija Advisors was formed for this very reason. Many Founders and Inventors have attempted market development. It is rare that these efforts are executed well, and learning-as-you-go can be quite expensive as you diminish your negotiating power with every mistake.

Bija Advisors have a proven track record commercializing technology to some of the world’s top companies. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • define target markets, establish priorities, get appointments.
  • travel with you and help you present your opportunity.
  • help you develop pitch material, pricing, deal terms and contracts.
  • assist you with negotiation of terms and deliverables.
  • align branding and sales messages to promote core value.

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Developing early customers for your own technology can be a mistake because it’s hard to negotiate the worth of your own inventions. Evaluation, skepticism, and strong-arming from big companies can be defeating, and you have no place to fall back if there are complications.

Professional athletes have agents for similar reasons.

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