Josselyn Boudett formed Bija Capital in 2009, when she started to collaborate with other subject matter experts and partners to help very early stage start ups.  She moved her individual practice into Bija Capital in order to serve a larger client base with a broader set of solutions – all centered on intellectual property.

Josselyn has assembled a team of independent advisors who assist on Bija Capital projects.  These include:

  • patent strategy experts
  • patent attorneys – prosecution and litigation
  • business development experts
  • business plan writer
  • financial investors
  • angel groups
  • investment and merchant banks
  • various industry subject matter experts

Bija Capital has found that many of the brilliant individuals who are so talented at solving complex problems and designing innovative solutions are not knowledgeable on how to formulate the business plan and raise the capital and align the talent that will bring those products to market.

Bija Capital was formed to help creative people bring innovation to market.

Bija is a Sanskrit term, literally translated as “seed”. In Sanskrit it is used to denote a type of energy that originates or causes things.

Josselyn Boudett, patent expert

About Josselyn

Josselyn has consulted CEO’s and Inventors and top management teams in a broad range of industries including software (search engine optimization, financial predictive analytics, system performance and reliability, encryption, diagnostics, saas), semiconductor, advertising, clean energy, automotive, and telecommunications.

Josselyn worked as Chief Marketing Officer at BountyQuest (peer-to-peer patent forum) and VP Sales of Icosystem Corporation (predictive analytics R&D and patent shop), and has helped to raise start up capital from experienced investors across the United States.

Prior to working with intellectual property, she served as Global Director of Channel Services at Lucent Technologies and International Sales Manager for Abtech, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Reseller.  She holds her Bachelors of Science from Saint Mary’s University, and her MBA from Northeastern University.